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Welcome to our exclusive category "Swords of Ichigo", where the fascinating world of anime swords comes to life. Immerse yourself in the epic saga of Ichigo Kurosaki, one of the most iconic anime characters of all time. Here we offer you the opportunity to celebrate your passion for anime and Japanese culture by acquiring high-quality replicas of the swords that form the heart of the series "Bleach".

Our collection includes detailed replicas of Ichigo's remarkable swords, including the legendary Zangetsu and its various stages of development. These swords are not only extraordinary collectibles, but also impressive works of art that capture the soul of the anime world. Every sword in our collection has been carefully crafted to reflect the essence of Ichigo's adventures, developments and fights.

Why you should immerse yourself in our swords from Ichigo category?

1. ** Authenticity and quality: ** Our swords are made from high quality materials to ensure maximum authenticity and durability. Every detail, from the blade to the handle, has been meticulously recreated to faithfully represent the magic of the series.

2. ** Passion for Anime:** As lovers of Anime, we understand the meaning that such characters and their symbolism have for fans. Our collection is a tribute to the captivating history of Ichigo and a way to express your love of anime culture.

3. ** Collectibles & Decoration: ** Whether you're a dedicated collector or just a fan, our swords from Ichigo are perfect collectibles and are great for decorating living rooms, offices or anime-inspired spaces.

4. ** Gifts for like-minded people: ** Are you looking for the perfect gift for an anime lover? Our Swords of Ichigo are a unique and meaningful gift that makes hearts beat faster.

Immerse yourself in the world of Ichigo Kurosaki and his impressive swords. Our "Swords of Ichigo" category invites you to become part of this epic journey and bring a piece of anime magic into your life. Discover the beauty, meaning and fascination of these swords that reach far beyond the screens.


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Ichigo Zangetsu Katana in the Bankai Form - Bleach (Pre-order)Ichigo Zangetsu Katana in the Bankai Form - Bleach (Pre-order)
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Ichigo Tensa Zangetsu Evolution (Heaven Chain Slaying Moon) - BleachIchigo Tensa Zangetsu Evolution (Heaven Chain Slaying Moon) - Bleach
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Ichigo Zangetsu Katana in the Bankai Form (White) - BleachIchigo Zangetsu Katana in the Bankai Form (White) - Bleach
Ichigo Zangetsu Katana in the Bankai Form (White) - Bleach Sale price1,470.00TL Regular price2,389.00TL
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Bleach Ichigo Shikai Cutting Moon ZangetsuBleach Ichigo Shikai Cutting Moon Zangetsu
Bleach Ichigo Shikai Cutting Moon Zangetsu Sale price2,022.00TL Regular price2,757.00TL
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Bleach Ichigo Mini KatanaIchigo Zangetsu Katana in Bankai Form - Bleach Letter Opener
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Ichigo true Bankai Zengetsu - BleacherIchigo true Bankai Zengetsu - Bleacher
Ichigo true Bankai Zengetsu - Bleacher Sale price2,389.00TL Regular price3,676.00TL
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Bleach Ichifgo Katana ZangetsuIchigo Tensa Zangetsu - Bleach
Ichigo Tensa Zangetsu - Bleach Sale price2,757.00TL Regular price3,859.00TL