Axe Steel Blatt (CW-K121-1)

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The hatchet is a robust tool with a sharp steel blade. The handle is made of plastic and is covered with rubberized parts to ensure a safe and comfortable grip. With a total length of 330mm and a blade length of 105mm, the hatchet offers a good balance between handling and cutting performance.

The hatchet comes with a Cordura sheath that allows safe storage while ensuring the protection of the blade. Weighing 290g, the hatchet is light enough to be comfortably transported, while robust enough to effectively handle outdoor tasks.

Whether camping, hiking, chopping wood or other outdoor activities-this hatchet is a reliable companion. It is also suitable for use in emergency situations and survival scenarios.

With its solid construction and sharp blade, the hatchet is a versatile tool that will serve you well in various situations.