Katana Gold/White Decoration

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The Katana is a masterpiece that embodies elegance and tradition. With its impressive presence and appealing design, this katana is not only a decorative element, but also a tribute to the rich history of the samurai.

** Properties: **

-** Carbon Steel Blade: ** The Katana's blade is made of high quality carbon steel, which not only provides an impressive look, but also has remarkable strength and durability.

-** Wooden sheath and tsuba: ** The wooden sheath and the tsuba (guard) of the katana are made of wood and give the sword a touch of authenticity and elegance.

-** Metal Tsuka:** The tsuka (handle) of the katana is made of metal and offers comfortable handling as well as an elegant contrast to the wood of the sheath and the tsuba.

-** White color design:** The sword's white color design gives it a special grace and symbolizes purity and clarity.

** Technical Details:**

-Blade: carbon steel
-Sheath and tsuba: wood
-Tsuka: Metal
-Total length: 1000mm
-Blade length: 690mm

The katana pays homage to the art of the samurai and perfectly captures the aesthetics and spirit of this tradition. With its combination of carbon steel, wood and metal, this sword is not only a visual highlight, but also an expression of elegance and style. This piece is perfect for exhibition and is an asset to any room.