Ninja Double Katana - Black

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The double sword of the Japanese mercenaries known for their secret techniques and excellent espionage. The ninjas mostly acted in secret, which is why they needed very compact weapons. This double sword, for example, fits into the scabbard, which, however, only has the normal size and thus saves a lot of space. In addition, the swords are made of 420 stainless steel and will not rust. The handle was traditionally wrapped with nylon tape. The sheath is made of fiberglass and reinforced nylon which has adjustable straps.


The swords are 71.1 cm long 

2 swords and a scabbard are included

Both swords are made of 420 stainless steel

A notice:

This is a real combat sword and therefore please send an email with proof of age when purchasing (minimum age 18 years)