Elegant Katana-A symbol of strength and beauty

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The Elegant Katana is an impressive masterpiece that embodies the power and elegance of Japanese swordsmanship. With a carefully crafted steel blade, a beautifully designed wooden handle (tsuka) and an authentic wooden sheath (scabbard), this sword pays homage to the samurai tradition.

** Main Features: **

-** Steel Blade: ** The blade of this Elegant Katana is made of high quality steel, which not only offers an appealing look, but also an impressive durability.

-** Handcrafted Details:** Both the wooden handle (tsuka) and the wooden sheath (scabbard) were made by hand and are characterized by exquisite detail.

-** Authentic charisma: ** The metal tsuba and wood processing give this katana an authentic aura that captures the aesthetics of the samurai culture.

** Technical Details:**

-Total length: 950mm (with sheath 1030mm)
-Blade length: 675mm
-Handle (Tsuka) Length: 280mm

** A masterpiece for your collection: **

This Elegant Katana is more than just a sword. She is a symbol of the tradition, courage and artistry of the samurai.

** Present Stylish: **

Whether as a collector's item or as an impressive decorative object for your home, this Elegant Katana will undoubtedly attract admiring glances.

** A link to samurai culture: **

Order this evocative Elegant Katana today and bring a piece of the fascinating samurai era into your home!