Geralt by Riva Dagger with emblem-The Witcher

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Slip into the role of a witcher with this fascinating dagger awakened by Geralt's legendary gun yarn. The charismatic lead character of the acclaimed Witcher series, Geralt is known for his peerless sword fighting skills and exciting adventures in a world full of danger and magic.

This impressive dagger embodies the harsh atmosphere and mystical charm of the world of Geralt. The blade, made of sturdy steel, is sharp and ready for action-packed scenarios. The handle masterfully combines plastic and metal, which makes it fit perfectly into Gerald's universe. Both the blade and the handle are artfully decorated, and the attention to detail is obvious.

The dagger is accompanied by an equally artful sheath, made of a refined combination of plastic and metal. It not only serves to safely store the dagger, but also perfectly complements the overall design.

With a generous blade length of 240mm and a total length of 375mm (or. 400mm with the sheath) this dagger is an imposing appearance. Despite its size, it is surprisingly light and weighs only 170g (or. 230g with the sheath).

Whether you're an avid collector, looking for the perfect gift for a Witcher fan, or want to slip into the skin of the witcher Geralt, this dagger will exceed your expectations and take you into the exciting world of The Witcher. Get it now and become a part of this mystical universe! The total length is 37cm

The length of the blade of the sword is 24cm

Total length with scabbard is 39cm

The blade is made of 420 stainless steel

Wooden scabbard covered with imitation leather is included

The sword is only suitable as a decoration and not for use. It is a replica from the game and the series The Witcher