Haller Rescue Pocket Knife Blue - Robust rescue knife with partially black blade

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The Haller Rescue Pocket Knife Blue is a powerful and reliable tool specially designed for rescue situations. With its partially black, wave-cut blade and the spring-supported opening, it offers you lightning-fast readiness and versatile performance.

The blade of the knife is made of high quality, stainless 440 steel, which is known for its hardness and cut durability. The partial black coating not only gives the blade a distinctive look, but also offers additional protection against corrosion and wear. The partial wave cut allows you to make precise and effective cuts in different materials.

The handle of the Rescue pocket knife is made of lightweight, durable alloy and offers an ergonomic shape that ensures a safe and comfortable grip. As well as serving as an opening aid, the pinball machine acts as a paring element when unfolded, protecting your hand from slipping and providing extra safety when deployed.

The knife has an integrated belt cutter and glass breaker that are recessed into the handle. The belt cutter allows you to cut belts or ropes quickly and precisely in emergencies, while the glass breaker gives you the ability to break windows or windshields in emergency situations and save yourself and others.

On the back of the knife is a practical belt clip that allows you to securely attach the knife to the belt or bag. This makes it always handy and easily accessible when you need it.

The spring-assisted blade opening enables you to quickly and effortlessly use the knife. With the help of the thumb pin or the flipper, the blade opens in seconds and is immediately available to you. The reliable linerlock lock ensures a secure fixation of the blade during use and provides a solid construction.

With a weight of 160g, the Haller Rescue Pocket Knife Blue is good in the hand and is still robust enough to meet the requirements of demanding tasks.

The Haller Rescue Pocket Knife Blue-your reliable partner in rescue situations and in everyday life. With its partially black blade, belt cutter, glass breaker and practical belt clip, it gives you the functionality, safety and portability you need. Trust in the excellent quality and performance of this rescue pocket knife to always be optimally prepared