Combat sword "Azure Blade"-Traditional back sword with blue-black coating and back strap

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An ode to the aesthetics and functionality of traditional swords, the combat sword "Azure Blade" adds a touch of style to any martial arts training or collector's shelf. It combines contemporary design with classic form, ideal for enthusiasts and hobbyists alike.

Main Features:

  • Striking Finish: The blue/black coating of the blade not only provides additional protection against wear and tear, but also creates a visually striking profile that stands out in any environment.

  • Ergonomic handle: The red cord on the handle not only offers a color contrast, but also ensures comfort and stability with every movement.

  • Practical sheath: A sturdy nylon sheath, equipped with a back strap, facilitates transportation and ensures the sword is always at hand.

Technical data:

  • Blade material: 420 stainless steel, for durability and ease of care
  • Handle Material: High quality plastic, for durable hold and light weight
  • Sheath: Durable nylon with a comfortable back strap
  • Blade length: 48 cm, ideal for excellent handling
  • Total length: 67 cm, an impressive presence without excessive load
  • Weight: 570g, balanced for precision and agility

Whether as a gift for a martial arts lover, as part of your training gear or as a piece of jewelry in a weapons collection-the "Azure Blade" back sword embodies power and elegance in a unique design. It is the perfect choice for anyone who appreciates the craft of swords and is looking for a sword that is both practical and visually impressive