Katana care set

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The care set for any kind of samurai swords (katana). Everything you need to care for the katana is included in this set. There is also a brass hammer and two mekugi (wooden pegs for the handle) in the box, these are not essential but are included for disassembling the sword and replacing the mekugi if necessary.

Included in the set are:

Powder puff, oil, cleaning paper, 2 mekugi and brass hammer.

Care Instructions

1. Powder Puff: This is first applied to the sword to bind the old oil. It is best to leave it for 2 minutes.

2. Cleaning paper: used to clean the sword of residue.

3. Oil: This is the most important part of the care, here the oil is applied very lightly and spread out slowly.

Addition: Attention!!! Not all katanas have mekugi, mostly only the real ones.

4. You carefully knock out the Mekugi with the brass hammer to clean the rest of the sword. And then you use the brass hammer again to reinsert the Mekugi.