Kill Bill Brides Katana Set - Hattori Hanzo (Stainless Steel) (with Wooden Stand)

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The bride's sword from the cult film Kill Bill. The sword was forged in Japan by legendary swordsmith Hattori Hanzo in the movie Kill Bill. Hattori Hanzo had previously vowed not to forge swords again, but that changed after learning what his disciple did to the bride. Not only did he nearly kill her, but he kidnapped her child and left her in a coma for a long time. 

The total length of:

Katana: 104.14cm

Wakizashi: 81,28cm

Both: 57.15


The saya have several gold accents which form a great interaction with the black color

The blade is black and has several typical Hattori Hanzo decorations

The material of the blade is high quality 420 stainless steel 

A wooden stand is included in delivery