Children carving knife

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The children's knife-safety and elegance for little adventurers

The children's knife has been specially developed for young explorers and hobby craftsmen in order to provide them with a safe and at the same time stylish tool. With its rounded blade, it minimizes the risk of injury and enables the children to develop their manual skills in a playful way.

The blade of the knife is made of high-quality, stainless 420 steel, which ensures excellent cutting performance. With a length of 90mm, it is optimally dimensioned to meet the needs of small hands. The rounded tip ensures that children can handle the knife safely without accidentally injuring themselves.

The handle of the children's knife is a true masterpiece of craftsmanship. The split handle shell made of root wood not only offers a pleasant feel, but also gives the knife a natural and rustic aesthetic. The cheeks and end knob are made of fine ebony, which gives the knife a touch of elegance. In addition, decorative inserts made of metal are incorporated into the handle, which give the knife an individual touch and attract the eye.

So that the children's knife can be safely stored, it comes with a high-quality leather sheath. The sheath protects the blade from damage and allows children to safely carry the knife on their belt or in their pocket.

With a total length of 180mm and a weight of only 105g, the children's knife is perfectly tailored to the needs of young adventurers. It offers them the opportunity to playfully and confidently develop their craft skills and develop their imaginations.

Give your children the right tools-with the children's knife you create an ideal basis for their creative development and at the same time ensure their safety.