Kyojuro Rengoku Katana - Demon Slayer Mini Katana

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Rengoku's Mini Katana from Demon Slayer is a unique weapon that is capable of killing demons due to its special crafting. Rengoku, the demon hunter's pillar of fire, is known for her pragmatism and energy, which has aided her in many battles.

The mini katana has a blade of 280mm and a total length of 450mm (430mm without sheath). It's lightweight and portable, making it a great addition to any gun collection.

Rengoku's mini katana has a unique flame-shaped tsuba, indicative of its flame breathing. Flame Breathing is one of the most powerful breathing techniques in Demon Slayer, which Rengoku has mastered perfectly.

This Rengoku Mini Katana is a high quality weapon made by skilled craftsmen. It's perfect for Demon Slayer fans looking to add to their collection or anyone looking for a unique and special piece.