Robust outdoor ax with transport protection and non-slip handle-Ideal for Camping & Survival

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This powerful axe is an indispensable tool for anyone who values efficiency, safety and comfort. Perfectly balanced and designed for a long life, this axe is the ideal choice for woodwork, garden maintenance or outdoor adventure.

Quality carbon steel blade: The blade, made of robust carbon steel, combines sharpness with an impressive resistance to wear and tear. With a width of 120mm, the ax effortlessly cuts and splits through wood and other materials.

Ergonomic and safe grip: The high-quality plastic handle is provided with a non-slip rubber coating that guarantees a secure grip-even in wet conditions. The ergonomic design ensures fatigue-free handling, so you can work longer and more comfortably.

Practical protective cover: For safe transport and storage, the ax comes with a custom-fit plastic sheath. This protects the blade and enables the ax to be safely carrying.

Compact and handy: With a total length of 355mm and a weight of only 730g, the ax is compact enough for the backpack and heavy enough for efficient impact.


  • Durable carbon steel blade : For the highest demands on sharpness and durability.
  • Non-slip, rubberized handle : For maximum control and comfort.
  • Plastic protective sheath : Easy to transport and safe to store.
  • Ideal ax sheet width : 120mm for a wide range of uses.
  • Perfect size and weight : Easy to handle without sacrificing performance.

Whether you're preparing firewood for a campfire or trimming tree branches in your garden, this axe will give you the best of your ability to do your job effectively and safely.