Rukia Kuchiki Sode no Shirayuki Zanpakuto Katana - Bleach

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The sword of Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach. Rukia is a shinigami from Soul Society and gives her powers to Ichigo, the main protagonist of the series. Rukia is initially a kind of mentor for Ichigo and teaches him everything he needs to know about being a shinigami. In addition, Kuchiki is a Kidou expert and accordingly well versed in the various spells that the Shinigamis use in battle,

The total length is 110.5 cm 

The length of the blade of the katana is 70cm

The handle length is 40.5 cm 

The blade is made of 440 stainless steel

Saya (Katana scabbard) is made of wood and painted white

At the end of the handle is a string and a bell with a tether 

The handle is made of hardwood and is wrapped with white cord 

The katana is only suitable for decoration and not for use. It is a replica from the anime Bleach