Small Street Mate - E.D.C

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The Small Street Mate-The reliable companion for everyday life

The Small Street Mate is an extremely versatile and sturdy pocket knife that is perfect for everyday use. With its appealing design and distinctive finger trough, it is safe and comfortable in the hand to help you with various tasks.

The pocket knife is characterized by its high-quality workmanship and the use of hard-wearing materials. The titanium-coated jaws made of light metal not only give it an attractive look, but also ensure increased stability and durability. The blade is also coated and blends harmoniously into the overall picture of the knife.

The Small Street Mate's handle is made of olive wood, which not only exudes a natural charm, but also offers a pleasant feel. The warm shades of wood give the knife an elegant touch and make it a stylish companion for everyday life.

Small Street Mate includes a robust nylon case that is able to withstand the stresses of daily use. The case can be worn both lengthwise and crosswise on the belt, so that you always have your knife close at hand when you need it.

The Small Street Mate is set up in a handy e.d.c. Gift box delivered, which makes it an ideal gift for knife lovers or outdoor enthusiasts. The high-quality packaging underlines the value of the knife and shows that it is a product that has been made with care and attention to detail.

With a blade length of 65mm and a weight of only 90g, the Small Street Mate is compact and light enough to be comfortably carried in your pocket without sacrificing functionality.

The Small Street Mate-a reliable companion for everyday life, which skillfully combines style and functionality. Regardless of whether you do small tasks in everyday life or are out and about in nature, this pocket knife is always ready to help you with your challenges.