Stiletto Rainbow-A colorful pocket knife with a vivid appearance

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The Stiletto Rainbow is a unique pocket knife that adds a touch of color and vibrancy with its eye-catching rainbow coating. With its distinctive design and functional properties, it is a knife that both attracts attention and can be used reliably in various situations.

The blade of the Stiletto Rainbow is made of robust 420 stainless steel and offers an optimal combination of sharpness and durability. With a blade length of 100mm, it enables precise cuts and versatile uses. Whether you are outdoors, doing everyday tasks or just want to own a striking knife, the Stiletto Rainbow is ideal for this.

The handle of the knife is made of lightweight alloy and offers pleasant and safe handling. It is equipped with a practical glass breaker, which is available as a tool in an emergency. In addition, the Stiletto Rainbow has a belt clip that allows convenient attachment to the belt or bag. As a result, you always have your knife at hand and can carry it with you without any problems.

With its vibrant rainbow coating, the Stiletto Rainbow is a real eye-catcher. Whether you want to use it as a collectible, outdoor companion or versatile tool, it will definitely attract attention and give you a unique personality.

Discover the fascination of the Stiletto Rainbow and be impressed by its splendor of colors and performance. With its eye-catching design and practical functions, it is a knife that will meet both your aesthetic demands and your practical needs. Enjoy the versatility and charm of this colorful pocket knife.