Trafalger D. Water Law Katana Original Edition - One Piece Brieföffner

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The mini katana of the captain of the Heart pirate gang Trafalgar Law. Trafalgar Law is one of the most promising rookies as he has a bounty of 200 million berries. In addition, Trafalgar Law, with the help of his pirate gang, saved the life of Straw Hat gang captain Luffy. In addition, Law is also a devil fruit user and is a very good doctor. The product is a letter opener and can also be used as a key ring. The letter opener also has a button that pops the sword out of the scabbard.


The total length is 23cm 

The length of the blade is 15.8 cm

A sword mount is also included.

The sword is only used as a letter opener or as a keychain and is not sharp. It is a replica from the anime One Piece.