Virgil's Yamato Katana - Devil May Cry (Pre-Order)

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Vergil's katana from Devil May Cry is a legendary weapon known for its sharpness and elegant design. Forged by Virgil, the infamous demon hunter and protagonist of the Devil May Cry series, this katana grants its wielder incredible fighting power. It's perfect for collectors and fans of the series who want to own a real piece of video game history. Get your own Virgil katana now and become a master of demon hunting.

The total length is 102cm 

The length of the blade of the katana is 67cm 

The handle length is 28cm and the handle is made of wood

The blade is made of carbon steel

Saya (Katana scabbard) is made of wood


The katana is only suitable for decoration and not for use. It is a replica from the game Devil May Cry