Zoro Enma Katana - One Piece (Pre-order for 20.01.2024)

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The Enma Katana, which Zoro received as a gift from the daughter of Oden, belongs to the Wazomono swords, like the Sandai Kitetsu. Also, the sword Enma is one of the only swords capable of harming Kaido. The Katana Enma belongs to Roronoa Zoro from One piece, and proves to be very useful in combat. The sword fighter Zoro has his very own fighting style and acts according to his own code. Zoro has had many different katanas, but the Enma is one of the best swords he has owned. Zoro's sword style is called three swords style and he always uses three katanas.

The total length of the katana is 108cm

The blade length of the katana is 70 cm 

The katana has a handle with a length of 28 cm 

The weight of the katana is 1kg 

The material of the blade is high quality steel

The handle is made of hardwood and is wrapped in nylon and imitation fish skin.

Also included is a hardwood sheath with brass detailing

The katana is only suitable for decoration and not for use. It is a replica from the anime One Piece.